School Year

School Year at Ardee Community School

Book Scheme & Other Costs

Student Book Scheme

We currently have a book rental scheme where all students rent their books from the school. This was introduced to keep school costs to a minimum. All books are covered and labelled, and students are expected to keep them in good condition. Poetry books, novels, plays and workbooks etc. are not rented to students as the curriculum changes each year. The rental charges for first years this year was €80.



Other School Costs

These costs are kept to a minimum and include purchase of the school journal (€10, 2020) Photocopying material fee (€30 per individual and €40 per family, 20120). Personal Insurance (€8 for 24 hour cover/school cover). Charge for materials in practical subjects (€10 per subject). We also purchase novels, plays, exam papers etc in bulk and pass on savings to the students.