Student Life

Student Life at Ardee Community School

Student Council 2018

At present, there are 23 students on the council, ranging from 1st year to 6th year. Meetings are held once every three weeks. This will involve students missing classes but they have been told to catch up on work missed. Please excuse them as they are involved in a worthwhile activity which is also statutory. The chairperson for the academic year is Niamh Crawley who is anxious to represent the school to the best of her ability.

A large part of the work involves fundraising which usually takes place in late October, March and early May at present. The student council is also involved in the open night. There are times, apart from meetings, when representatives need to be excused from class. They wear badges to identify themselves. This photo shows last year's student council members.


Student Council  2018

First Years

Tommi Baylon

Jessica Commins

David Hennessy

Maeve Murray

Second Year
Ciaran Baylon
Oisin O'Brien
Naoise Tighe-Duff
Caoimhe McCabe

Third Year
Ciara Callaghan
Kelly Callaghan
Leah Glass

Transition Year

Caolan McCabe
Kate Minogue
Laura Halpenny

5th Year
Donal McKenny 
Craig Englishby
Michelle McWeeney
James Reilly
Fionn O'Reilly

Sixth  Years
Janet Idowu
Johnnie Grimes (Secretary)
Niamh Crawley (Chairperson)
Leah Butler

Achievements by Council over the years:
Water machine in the canteen
picnic benches for outside the canteen
Numerous fundraising (no homework weekends, charities, etc) and events (eg. 1 year quiz with their mentors
Improvement with queues for food in the canteen.
And much more….

Additional Information:
Student council elections are normally held at the beginning of each year. Students are nominated by their peers and are voted for by secret ballot. Students can speak their minds freely whilst on the council and share their opinions on how we can improve life at school. Meetings are held once a month during lunch.