Student Supports at Ardee Community School

Pastoral Care

Mission Statement

Ardee Community School Care Team endeavours to nourish and support the wellbeing of all members of our school community.

Year Heads 2017
Each year group has a Year Head  who deals with pastoral and discipline issues. Parents should always contact the Year Head first, if they have any queries or concerns about their child’s education and welfare.

Year Heads:

First Year- Ms Grainne Coen, Mr Tony Corcoran

Second Year- Ms Brigid Smith

Third  Year- Ms Patricia Murray, Mr Sean Moran

Transition Year - Ms Paula Conlon

Fifth Year- Ms Pauline Duffy, Ms Amanda Finlay

Sixth Year- Ms Mary Duffy, Ms Clara Neavyn


First Years -  Thursday morning - Dalton Room

Second Year -  Wednesday morning - Dalton Room

Third Year -  Tuesday morning - Dalton Room

Transition Year - Monday morning - Dalton Room

Fifth Year -  Tuesday morning - Canteen

Sixth Year -  Friday morning - Dalton Room

Class Tutors

Each class in first, second and third year is assigned a Class Tutor who has a weekly meeting with the class and takes a special interest in that class.

Learning Support and Resource Department-Ms Mary Ryan

A Learning Support Team of experienced teachers give special support to those pupils who have difficulty in developing literacy and numeracy skills. The school works closely with a Department of Education Psychologist who helps design programmes for students with learning difficulties.

Home School Community Liaison Officer-Ms Brigid Smith

The HSCL coordinator supports in a friendly and non threatening way all our parents to promote and increase the link between home, school and community. Parents are encouraged to become involved in an active way in their child’s education. This is achieved through home visits, parent teacher meetings and classes for parents if required. The HSCL is available to meet parents in their home or at school.

Guidance Counselling - Ms Sinead Crossan and Ms Paula Broe

The school has a full time Guidance Counsellor who is available to see any student who may be encountering difficulties in his/her life. The service is confidential and students can self-refer or are referred by parents or teachers.


Chaplain - Mr Sean Moran

The Chaplain as a faith presence, committed to the values of Christ and on behalf of the church and school community, accompanies each person on their journey through life. The Chaplain, with the cooperation of the Religious Education department, makes arrangements for religious worship in the school and provides opportunities for faith development and participation in social justice activities. The Chaplain is available to any student in the school who may need a ‘listening ear’ or a ‘helping hand’ from time to time.

Rang Cillian Behavioural Support Class -Co-Ordinator - Ms Bróna Murphy.

This support classroom assists students who have difficulty adhering to school rules and routines.

School Completion Programme- Andrea, Sinead and Ciara

This is a support service that encourages students to stay in school. We offer a positive environment to deal with issues or worries. We help with homework, exams, project work, lunches, the move from primary school to secondary school, resolving difficulties and personal problems. All of this work happens individually or in a group setting. SCP staff can be contacted at 087 3285822.

Attendance Team

School attendance is vital to a student’s success. The school has a team of personnel which monitors the daily attendance of students, contacts parents if a student does not attend and sets up an individual ‘care plan‘ if required.

Parents Association

This is a voluntary organisation and all parents are invited to
join. The A.G.M is held in October and the Association meets monthly. Its role is to support the school in its educational endeavours.