School Year

School Year at Ardee Community School

Ardee Community School Uniform

  1. Navy Jumper with School Crest
  2. Charcoal Grey Shirt
  3. Tartan Skirt (worn below the knee)
  4. Dark Grey (Charcoal) Trousers
  5. Black Shoes (or navy dube like shoes) No canvas shoes or runners.
  6. Black socks (black knee-high socks or tights with skirt)
  7. School Jacket (available from local retailers
  8. School scarf (optional)

P.E. Uniform:

Plain Navy tracksuit bottoms

Red Polo Shirt


Half-Zip School P.E. Top with Crest

This P.E. uniform is compulsory for incoming 1st year students, and optional for all other years.


All items are available for purchase from local retailers in Ardee:

Sharkeys, Malones and O’Neills.
All items must be clearly labelled with the student’s name.
Hoodies and non-uniform jackets are not acceptable