School Year

School Year at Ardee Community School

School calendar

                                  ARDEE COMMUNITY SCHOOL

                                      CALENDAR   2018/2019 


First Term

Monday, 27th Aug.                                 First Years only until 12.25, Staff briefing in the afternoon.

Tuesday, 28th   August                           Staff Planning Day DEIS Planning. School closed to students.

Wednesday, 29th August                        First, Second and Sixth Years.

Thursday, 30th. August                          First, Second, Third and Sixth Years.

Friday,   31st August                              First, Second, Third, Fifth & Sixth Years.

Monday, 3rd September                        All students back in school including TY, 5LCA & 6 LCA

Thursday 13th September                       Staff Meeting Term 1  (After School)

Thursday, 20th September                      Annual Exhibition & Open Evening.

Wednesday 26th September                   New Junior Certificate Training Day, School closed to students.

Monday 1st October                               Parents’ Association AGM @ 8.00p.m.

Wednesday 10th, October                       3rd Year Parent/Teacher  Meeting  (3.15 pm to 5.45pm)

Monday, 29th Oct to Fri 2nd Nov         Midterm-Break

Thursday 15th November                       6th Year and 6LCA Parent Teacher Meeting   (3.15 pm to 5.45pm)

Monday, 26th November                        6th/6LCA Year Career Information Night, CAO, PLC, Apprenticeships.

Wednesday, 28th November                  5nd Year and 5LCA and TY Parent Teacher Meeting (3.15 pm to5.45pm)

Monday, 3rd to Friday 7th Dec.             Christmas Exams (1st, 2nd & 5th Years)                                                        

Friday 21st  December

Christmas Closing


Second Term

Monday 7th  January                        School Re-Opens after Christmas

Thursday,17th  January                           1st Year Parent/Teacher Meeting   (3.15 pm to 5.45pm)

Monday, 21st January                             Information Night for Parents of incoming 1st Yr. Students 2019/2020 7.30p.m

Monday 28th January                              Information Night for Senior Cycle (Parents of 3rd Year and TY Students)7.30pm

Tuesday 29th January                              Subject Choice information night(Parents of students going into 2nd Year)7.30pm

Friday 1st February                                 Closing date for enrolment of Incoming First Years

Monday, 4th Feb. – Friday, 15th Feb.      Pre Leaving & Pre Junior Exams (Provisional) ?

Monday 18th Feb. – Friday, 22nd Feb.           Midterm Break

Wednesday, 27th February                     Staff Meeting Term 2 (after school)

Saturday, 2nd March                               Assessment for incoming 1st Years

Wednesday,13th March                          2nd Year Parent/Teacher meeting (3.15pm-5.45pm)

Monday, 18th March                            St. Patricks Weekend (Bank Holiday ) School Closed

Friday, 12th April

Easter Closing                                  


Third Term

Monday, 29th April                           School Re-Opens after Easter Holidays

Thursday, 2nd May                             Staff Meeting Term 3  (After school)

Monday,  6th  May                                Bank Holiday – School Closed 

Thursday,9th May                               Awards Ceremony (Provisional)

Wednesday, 22nd May                            6th Year Graduation Night (Provisional)

Monday,27th May to Friday 31st May    Annual Summer Exams

Friday, 31st May                                   Closing for Summer Holidays

Wednesday, 5th June                          State Exams Commence

Friday, 21st June                                 State Exams End


Every effort will be made to adhere to this calendar.  Adequate notice will be given if changes are necessary.

Please note there will be no study or homework club on the day Staff Meetings and Parent/Teacher Meetings are scheduled.