Ardee Community School Policies

Code Of Behaviour


In keeping with our Vision and Mission statement and our Characteristic Spirit, Ardee Community School sees each student as an individual whose talents should be developed to the full.

The Code of Behaviour is drawn up to ensure that every student can benefit within a happy positive school environment and fulfil his/her intellectual, spiritual and physical development to the maximum extent in Ardee Community School.

By following the Code of Behaviour a friendly environment can be created where all students can learn and interrelate in a positive way, in a friendly, calm atmosphere.

Students and parents/guardians accept the Code of Behaviour prior to enrolment and agree to sanctions should the terms of the Code be broken.

The Code of Behaviour of Ardee Community School is developed in collaboration with all partners in education, parents/guardians, students and school personnel. It is ratified by both the Trustees and the Board of Management.

The Code of Behaviour endeavours to allow students to study and learn according to their own ability and to progress without interference from others. It allows for students to access the appropriate support and guidance when coping with the demands of school life. Following our Code of Behaviour will enable students to take on the future challenges of the adult world with self-assurance and ease.

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